Total Recall II

Provincial Conservative deputy leader Chris Delaney has said he would support launching a recall campaign against provincial Liberal legislators. This, after the Campbell administration announced it would be introducing a harmonized sales tax. And his party may support that campaign as well.

Bill Vander Zalm first floated the idea of a recall campaign in an open letter sent to the media last week.

Speaking on Public Eye Radio, Mr. Delaney said he supports the former premier's idea. And he'll be working with "the people I'm involved with in the Conservative Party to do whatever we can to help that."

"There's probably a dozen seats there that the Liberals won by very slim margins," he explained. "And if you were to get enough people upset about this thing and take a look at doing a recall petition in, say, a dozen ridings you would only have to be successful in seven of them to turn the government. So it's not as big and onerous a sort of thing as people might think."

Mr. Delaney was Mr. Vander Zalm's communications director when the former premier attempted a political comeback as leader of Reform BC.


But can recall campaigns be launched within the first 18 months of a government?

No, they will have to wait 18 months to formalize it and the recall is very tough to get through as you need almost as many signatures as people voted in the general election.

And of course, politics is interesting, since the BC Conservatives had a harmonized tax in their platform..

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