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Today, provincial New Democrat leader Carole James encouraged supporters to sign a party-sponsored petition demanding the government "scrap plans to implement the HST in 2010." For those keeping count, that petition comes eight days after the Campbell administration announced those plans and six days after 24 hours's columnist Bill Tieleman launched his NO BC HST facebook group. The following is a complete copy of the email sent to New Democrat "Council Delegates, Provincial Presidents, Provincial Executive Members, (and) Labour Communications" informing them of that petition drive.

From: Elsie Smith
Sent: July-31-09 11:26 AM
Subject: Launching HST campaign today

To Council Delegates, Provincial Presidents, Provincial Executive Members, Labour Communications


We're launching an on line campaign to oppose the proposed HST today.

The petition is located at

The following message from Carole James is going out to the membership list and activists this morning.


Dear friend,

It's hot out there, and I'm not talking about the record-breaking temperatures in BC. Everywhere I go people are stopping me in the street to tell me how upset they are about recent developments.

How many of you remember the BC Liberals promising to run a big deficit while making deep cuts to health, education and other public services?

And how many of you remember them promising to impose a $4 billion sales tax on everything from haircuts to funerals to movie tickets to airfare?

I don't remember it either.

That's because they chose not to tell us the truth.

Just weeks after an election where they promised the deficit would be no larger than $495 million, they'd protect health and education funding, and they WOULD NOT impose a new Harmonized Sales Tax "“ they're doing the opposite.

The HST alone is going to cost British Columbians "“ you "“ a lot of money, just when families need a break.

When it comes into effect in 2010, you'll be paying a lot more for vitamins, food, meals at restaurants, funerals, real estate, theatre tickets, renovations, school supplies, bicycles and more.

It's a regressive tax that makes it harder for families to make ends meet.

And it's going to kill jobs and hurt small businesses just when the BC economy needs a break.

It's another broken promise from a government that is more arrogant and untrustworthy than ever.

Gordon Campbell didn't tell us the truth. He didn't consult with the public. He simply hasn't got a mandate to impose a tax that will cost consumers $4 billion over three years.

The HST will take effect on July 1, 2010. That gives us less than one year to stop it.

Here's how we start: sign my on line petition today.

In the weeks to come, I'll be doing everything I can to hold Campbell accountable for this broken promise "“ and his broken promises about the deficit and funding for important services like health and education.

In the meantime, please take a few seconds to click this link and add your name. If enough British Columbians speak out we can stop the HST.

For years, governments of all stripes in BC have recognized the need to encourage environmentally responsible actions by giving tax breaks on bicycles and energy conservation equipment like insulation and solar power equipment.

But not this government. The BC Liberals want to wipe that out that legacy on July 1, 2010.

Let's not let them get away with it. Please sign the petition today.

Carole James
Leader, BC NDP


Sean,give it a rest,you say your non-partisan -BULLCRAP........
This was a smart move on her part,making sure everyone is on board,let it stew then pounce........
After all,you (non-partisan)media types bailed on the carbon tax,bailed on run of river and totaly ignored the budget fudget and looked the other way on all the scandals.
Your really pissing me off Holman,who got to you?

Why don`t you go back into tough investigative digging......
Talk to the liberal MLAs,are they prepared to vote against HST,brand new MLAS without lifetime pensions that ran in close ridings,are they prepared to get voted into oblivian?
Campbell will be gone,many MLAs are just getting started,trust me Sean,the dynamic of internal revolt exists......

Explore the possibilty,maybe this topic can bring some serious rousing back to the rabblers!

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Remember the NDP's "Axe the Carbon Tax" campaign and petition?

After the election the NDP fooled everyone and now supports the carbon tax. Same thing going to happen here.

Ahhhhh ... politicians!

Fool me once shame on you ..... Fool me twice shame on me.

Sorry Scott.....You are so wrong,the NDP haven`t embraced the gas case you haven`t noticed the NDP lost the election,what James has said since we are STUCK WITH THIS TAX LETS MAKE IT BETTER.
Including cancelling the tax cuts and funnelling the gas/tax to green retrofits,transit,sequestration etc etc etc....

As the Campbell gas tax stands now it is nothing but a money wurlitzer,emissions have risen since the gas tax,89 thousand more cars on the best the gas/tax is a useless guilt tax......
Nice try :SCOTT:....But your interpetaion is........well,uninformed

Ms. Dithers checks the direction the wind is blowing then waits for awhile and leaps into action just to let us know she is working for the large pay raise she got, then gave part of it to charity but stopped that after the recent election. She does change direction fairly regularly. Time to pack and leave the stage

Wow.....I've been waiting for a long, long time for the leader of the official opposition to make her comments on the HST. The HST is a huge tax grab by the Libs for consumers and particularly hard on those with fixed incomes who need haircuts, have parents who need homecare, or need to buy some lousy ibuprofen for their aches and pains. The current liberal government is as crooked as my dog's hind leg. And even though I've read a few remarks from Rob Fleming and Leonard Krog, (for that I am grateful), we need more. I'm a lifetime new democrat and so I'm begging you Carol...unleash your opposition to what this government is doing or remain irrelevant.

Really only one way to deal the Canwest/Gordo and his fascist outrages - Hijack the BCLiberal party

For the next 5 years, regardless of what the NDP,Carole James The Gregor, the Greens, or anybody else says or does Canwest/Gordo can do anything to us he wishes and it ain't gonna be pleasant.

I expect the Leg will be called a couple of times a year to pass essential legislation, then recessed as soon as closure rules allow. The MSM will likely reduce itself to covering traffic accidents and Britney except when called upon to heap hosannas on El Gordo.

To stop the Gordo, .progressives across BC need to buy BCLiberal party memberships en masse, vote out the party apparatchik riding by riding, vote for massive policy changes and a new leader. Undo the fascist hijack of the BCLiberal party and send them packin off to the BC Con party that needs their leadership.

I am a seriously disenchanted NDP supporter and all I can think of on this one is - what terrific timing... right before the long weekend - when absolutely no one is paying any attention at all.

Honestly - who is running this party?

Seth and fhb I concur!

I'm considering getting a liberal membership just for that reason. People - ignore the bs about not being 'allowed' to hold memberships in other parties before being permitted to become a card carrying liberal.

Carole James is a flipping embarrassment. She's worse than a guard dog with no teeth. She's gumming the libs and all they do is giggle 'cause it tickles so much.

I sincerely hope there is discontent within the liberal party. And I hope that they start to speak up and confront the dictator known as Gord.

And 'hiding' the manner with which Gord conducts himself - his ethics, duplicity, lies and overall screwing over the the taxpayers is SO EGREGIOUS that it warrants a like response from a opposiiton, not bloody conciliatory gestures and comments like 'let's make it better'. That is an inappropriate response. Full Stop.

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