Million dollar men?

On Tuesday, A-Channel's Stephen Andrew reported British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. chief executive officer David Hahn made "more than a million dollars" in fiscal 2008/09 or $1,034,680. That includes a $494,923 salary and incentive plans totaling $443,744. So how does that stack up against the salaries of those responsible for such services in other jurisdictions? Well, the deputy commissioner responsible the Alaska Marine Highway System James Beedle makes US$116,848 or C$126,371.11. Meanwhile, Washington State Ferries chief David Moseley makes US$144,768 or C$156,566.59. Neither has an incentive plan.

Both services are smaller our ferry company, which had C$624.2 million in expenses in 2008/09. By comparison, Alaska's operating budget for that fiscal year was US$153.6 or C$166.2 million. And Washington's was US$202.6 million or C$219.2 million.

Nevertheless, British Columbia Ferry Services public affairs executive director Mark Stefanson told The Canadian Press's Steve Mertl yesterday the southern state's ferry system carries "more people because of commuter traffic to and from Seattle."


I believe that Alaska Marine and Washington State Ferries are much smaller operations that BC Ferries. This could be used to argue for higher salaries at BC Ferries.

Can we ask what that salary was measured against in terms of accomplishments, deliverables and quantifiable metrics?

I'd love to know how that salary and those of the other bc ferries exec's compares against the average worker salary.

Hahn gets paid as much as Gordo wants him to get paid. who knows, maybe he will decide to get on the baord of directors himself when he finally leaves his presnt position of screwing the BC tax payers

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