Secretarial work?

Earlier, we reported New Democrat provincial secretary Laura Nichols will be leaving her job in January. But whoever replaces her as the party's top staffer may have a different title. Some have suggested changing it to executive director as part of a move to modernize the New Democrats, breaking away from language that seems more at home in Soviet Russia than twenty-first century British Columbia. If such a change were to take place, it would require a resolution to be introduced at the New Democrats' upcoming convention.


While they are doins some name changing ans such serious stuff, they might take a look at Ms.Dithers who regularly falls in line to support Gordo in his visions. Maybe they might throw away some more long held party policies just like she turned her back on the policy about Agriculteral Land sales with no regulations attached. But the committe folks will go along with whatever nutty thins she does, hoping some day to become governemt. always waiting for the big breakthrough. No wonder so many long time members sort of forgot to vote last time around.

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