Biting the hand that feeds

John Bishop, owner of Bishop's restaurant, continued his criticism of the Campbell administration's harmonized sales tax on CKNW this morning, telling host Bill Good, "If I felt betrayed, that would be even an understatement because my understanding three months ago when the provincial election was taking place, they did reassure us that they would not increase taxes and would not think about harmonizing the GST with the PST." But that's not the only reason why Mr. Bishop should feel betrayed. Because, in 2006, his restaurant made two $500 contributions to the Liberals according to Elections British Columbia.


The guy took the Liberals at their word and are now about to get shafted. The story about how the other party is either inept or run by unions works often. The fact that those two ideas are bogus gets the Gordo team a lot of money and then he screws them . Dirty politics has reached a fine art in Beutiful BC, Best place on earth. Just ask Godo's loyal chums

There is an old saying... No good deed goes unpunished.

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