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Earlier, we exclusively reported public library representatives will be meeting with Education Minister Margaret MacDiarmid today to discuss the status of their provincial operating grants. Those grants haven't yet been received by the libraries - something that should have usually by now. Meanwhile, opposition to potential library cutbacks is sprouting up among the netroots, resulting in the creation of a facebook group and Website protesting such measures.


Go get 'em guys! I hope the BC Library cuts go the way of the dodo bird, dinosaurs and the PacifiCats.

Sean, I have yet to see any talk in the media about what might be in store for Education and funding for public schools.

One blog is reporting that the $20/student grants from Gaming revenues that go through Parent Advisory Councils are all on hold - they should have been paid out in time for the coming school year by now.

That's not a lot of money ($10 - 11 million provincially) compared to the Health cuts under discussion, but that's going to upset a lot of parents and hurt schools, which rely on these funds to buy everything from gym equipment to computers, field trips and music or arts supplies.

And if they're talking about $160 million for one health region alone, as a parent you have to worry about what else is being contemplated for Education, especially since many school boards have already been forced to make deep cuts to balance their budgets for the coming year.

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