Nuke 'em?

Earlier, Minister of State for Mining Randy Hawes told Public Eye Radio he doesn't plan to revisit the provincial government's ban on uranium mining. But is that policy in conflict with the Campbell administration's commitment to make climate change its top priority? Perhaps, according to a 2006 analysis prepared by the British Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology. Comparing the cradle to grave carbon footprints for six different technologies, the office found nuclear power to have the lowest emissions in Europe and the United Kingdom, followed by wind, hydro, marine, solar and biomass. The following is a complete copy of that list.

Grams of carbon dioxide equivalent per kilowatt hour of generation


Highest: 93 (low density miscanthus)
Lowest: 25 (higher density wood-chip gasification)


Highest: 58 (United Kingdom)
Lowest: 35 (Southern Europe)


Highest: 50
Lowest: 25


Highest: up to 10-30 (reservoir storage)
Lowest: less than 5 (run-of-river)


Highest: 5.25 (offshore)
Lowest: 4.64 (onshore)


Up to 5

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