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In December 2008, the ministry of children and development released a report monitoring the progress of children in care within its north region. This, as part of its commitment to implement Ted Hughes's recommendation that the ministry "should establish a comprehensive set of measures to determine the real and long-term impacts of its programs and services on children, youth and their families." But when is the ministry going to release similar reports for other regions?

"We don't have specific dates on when the ones for the other regions will be released or will be prepared. We're continuing to work to see what kind of information we can provide that's better. Because, part of it, is learning," responded Minister Polak in an interview on Public Eye Radio.

"When we did the north report, part of what we looked at is what kind of new measures can we include. Because our service plan is fairly limited. So we want to look at including things like progress in schools, timeframes involved in establishing plans of care - the kinds of things we began to do with the northern report - and probably expand those. So it's difficult to give a hard date on it. Because we want those reports to be good. And that means it's difficult to know how much information we're going to be able to get together in a period of time."

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Mary, can you explain to the good people of BC why it's so hard to produce reports about things that are relatively easy to track and obtain when you have one of the most overstaffed departments in MCFD is the so-called "Quality Assurance" branch?

Many of us are wondering what those dozens of people actually do and why so many FTE's that could be used on the frontlines are sucking up management salaries doing so little in Victoria.

So, Mary explain IF MCFD is even bothering to track these recommended benchmarks at all, where each region is in it's reviews and when the reports can be expected? Because you know, it's interesting that the Representative's office, which is outside of direct government has managed to produce some very valuable reports on some of these same benchmarks with far fewer staff.

Mary, we hope like your predecessors you come to enjoy explaining away the actions of your DM, you will have to get really good at it.

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