For the birds

Last month, following her swearing-in ceremony, independent Delta South legislator Vicki Huntington refused to elaborate on what issues she'd be raising in the legislature, expect to say they were "very significant." But, in speaking Sunday on Public Eye Radio, Ms. Huntington said her top concern will making the protection of the Fraser River Estuary a provincial issue, highlighting its importance as an integral part of the Pacific Flyway.

"Delta is home to almost the entire population of migratory birds that move through British Columbia. And this government and the federal government have basically forgotten that - especially this government. They feel they have no responsibility, basically, for ensuring that that international flyway is healthy. And the consequences of all of the projects that they're undertaking in Delta are really significant to the health of that flyway," she said.

"The Fraser estuary is, literally, one of the four or five top migratory bird stopovers in the world. And yet, the only place that's left that creates any habitat value at all is Delta. And yet, what is the provincial government doing? It's eating up hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of acres of not only foreshore but of agriculture land - which is so incredibly valuable both for food production and for habitats for those birds. And the government has indicated no interest in that whatsoever."

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