What's the signifcance?


Sean,Michael Levy states this will hill BC consumers in the pocket book,which means it is a tax hike....Items that were subject to just one tax either the PST or GST will now be taxed at 12%...How is that good for the economy? How will this creat jobs or investments,nothing will down in price,many items will go up in price, another back of the envelope Campbell scheme,speak to truth Campbell/Hansen,this is a blatant tax hike,another broken election promise....


Who knew that Mr. Campbell had the power to bring the good Docktor back from the dead.


Next thing you know he'll be telling us to watch while he pulls the missing EMail tapes out of his hat.


This reeks of collusion,the backlash from the construction industry has already started,but the part that I find interesting is that Harper,the feds have offered BC 1.6 billion dollar incentive(Bribe) to make the change,why that amount,interesting because with the 2 billion$ plus deficit being announced in september if the province applies this one time incentive(bribe) to their yearly debt will bring it back to the 5oo million deficit mark.
Ontario had to backtrack on their HST,at least when it comes to the construction industry.....

And please,someone explain to me in english how BC business will save 2 billion$$$$ in administration costs, per year? over 10 years? Don`t companies have accountants? Will companies lay-off 2 billion$$$$$ worth of accountants?Doesn`t this create as many accounting difficulties as it alleviates?
Will McMartin,please,we need another one of your assesments.

So BC goes to the HST and the feds are going to cough up another $1.6 billion to BC as a result?

Looks like Santa Claus has arrived early.

Ah yes, I remember the extensive debate on this from the governing party during the recent BC election campaign....

You ask, "How do they do this?" Business saves because PST now paid on equipment and consumed materials will become a tax credit and be refunded to that favored class, especially machinery intensive operations such as private power producers and railways. Consumers will pay more because the tax will apply more widely, including real property, services, meals, used clothing, etc., etc.

Did those river rapers make another huge gain?

i HATE it when the premier wrestles with things. such a philosopher.

in february, he lost sleep over having to embark on a deficit.

spare me.

When one cuts through the BS from Gordo, the end result will be increased costs for the average tax payer. He must have dreamt this up and as usual Gordo doesn't tell anyone who might sort of like to give some input, except of course the business guys who will be saving money

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