Fare way is fair way?

Minister of State for Mining Randy Hawes doesn't know if the government will be re-introducing its controversial Resource Road Act. But, speaking on Public Eye Radio, this is what he had to say about the bill, which would allow forest companies to establish fees for the use of those corridors: "I can tell you forestry is not exactly in a vibrant place today. And to put all of the onus on a forestry company in these times when there are other users, I guess you've got to ask is there fairness there and is that impeding forestry or the maintenance on the roads?"

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"Burp" ...!!!!!!!

was that a little PIGGY belching at the trough ...?

Last time I checked ,
logging trucks also use the public hwys to haul their loggs to the mill... and,,, as they come off dirt-looging roads , they drop dirt on OUR hwys.

The large loads these trucks carry, damage the Hwys and make it difficult to pass. They impede traffic as they struggle up-hills.

------- Little Piggies at the trough ...?

Logging companys spend a few hundred dollars, for loggs they sell for a few thousand dollars...!

I spend 50-cents for every dollar I make selling news-papers. Should I ask fisher-men to pay me a fee, every time they wrap a fish in my news-paper...? Do I have to be a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR corperation, before I get a HAND-OUT ...?????

---- What is with these people ...?

Did they forget why the American forest companies took us to court ...?
(something about cheepest wood in North-America )

how would a fee for using logging-roads , not be seen as a direct subsidisation of a forest company ...?

---- Lastly ----

They made them selves rich, off using our raw resources

how UN-GREATFUL can they be ...?

"Burp" ...!!!!!

ted... ( privet-roads on crown-lands ...? )



what a bunch of little piggies

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