Tripped up

Minister of State for Mining Randy Hawes won't be traveling to Saskatchewan to see how uranium can be safely extracted. Last month, on Public Eye Radio, the Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia's president and chief executive officer said he invited the Campbell administration to take that trip as part of a campaign to convince government to rescind its prohibition on uranium and thorium exploration and mining. But, in an interview Sunday, Minister Hawes said, "I have talked to Gavin Dirom about this. And I do understand how they feel. However, we know that the public, so far, has told us that they don't want to see uranium mining or exploration in British Columbia."

"And I know in some parts of British Columbia this is a fairly high background uranium presence in water, for example. It's a naturally occurring substance. And I know I've talked to some experts who say if we were to allow that exploration, if we we were to ever to commence any kind of mining, that background uranium would probably strike pretty dramatically because it would expose it then."

"I don't know if all of that is so," Minister Hawes continued. "But that's what I'm told. And if the public is saying they just don't want to see it, then we've listened to what the public has said. So, at the moment, there are no plans to revisit this."

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