Backroom bails out

Since losing the election, some commentators have called on Carole James to axe her hacks - the senior party and caucus officials who advise her. But recent departures mean the provincial New Democrat leader soon might not have any hacks left to axe.

In May, party organization director Nikki Hill told Public Eye she was leaving to "do different things."

Then, New Democrat president Jeff Fox announced he was resigning to avoid any perceived conflict of interest created by marrying top party staffer Laura Nichols.

Ms. Nichols has also given her notice because she couldn't commit to sticking around until the 2013 campaign.

Caucus communications director Glen Sanford - who has said he "took the job as a short-term project until the election" - is moving on as well.

And Ms. James's chief of staff Ian Reid is going on a leave of absence to treat an ongoing health condition.

That means, if Ms. James is looking to axe anyone, she has just four choices left: caucus executive director Mary O'Donoghue; outreach director Raj Sihota; research director Anne-Marie Delorey; and the leader's communications director Jim Rutkowski.

Fancy that!

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Well, maybe if all the old guard is gone, and stays gone, the Party can be more courageous, progressive and actually promote the great policies passed by the majority at Convention--all of which were ignored by these backroom people. A Left turn, I hope:), including environmental preservation and conservation, along with social justice and all that good stuff which the party used to be all about. A revival! About bloody time!

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