Kettlewell on leave after controversial comments

Earlier, we mentioned provincial Green deputy leader Damian Kettlewell took a leave of absence following the party's May 25 annual general meeting. In an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Kettlewell said he spoke to party president Walter Meyer zu Erpen about taking a leave after saying "some things in The Georgia Straight that kind of rankled some feathers" - telling the newspaper's Carlito Pablo he was receptive to the idea of an alliance with the New Democrats.

Asked whether he would staying on as deputy leader, Mr. Kettlewell said, "I just want to talk to (party leader Jane Sterk) and go from there. I might have spoken a bit out of turn in some opinions after the election. So I think it's better I just take a back seat until I get a chance to speak to Jane" - who is presently on holiday in Europe, returning in about a week.

"I'll always be a supporter of the Green Party that's for sure," he continued. "She worked incredibly hard and I'm a big supporter of Jane and I don't want to say anything that will contradict what she says or believes."

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