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On Canada Day, provincial Green deputy leader Damian Kettlewell's private liquor store put a poster at nearby public store, advertising the fact his shop was open over the holiday. So what is his personal political opinion on the place of public stores in the liquor retail business? In an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Kettlewell, who is on a leave of absence as deputy leader, responded, "I definitely support the public liquor stores. I don't really like to mix my business and my politics. But I support the status quo. And we're just providing a service. It's pretty standard for private liquor stores to let people know (about their hours). Because a lot of the public doesn't know when liquor stores are closed because some are closed on Sundays and some aren't closed on Sundays." The following is a complete copy of the aforementioned poster.


OPEN Canada Day
July 1rst
9am - 11pm

5665 Kingsway
( Beside Denny's )


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