Will it be thumbs up or thumbs down?

Last week, in response to a question from Public Eye, Finance Minister Colin Hansen said discretionary grants to social service agencies could be impacted by the government's effort to find $1.9 billion in administrative efficiencies over three years. In fact, in an interview with CHNL's Angelo Iacobucci, Housing and Social Development Minister Rich Coleman said today he's ordered a detailed review of those grants, which could be "anything from a food bank to a group of people who've been working, like for instance there's a group that's doing outreach. And you could say, 'Okay, if we look into an area we might have five or six different outreach teams. Do we really need five or six? Can we do it with three and get better efficiencies? And if we can save a few hundred thousand dollars, can we put them into something that we could do more support for people who are living housing?'"


Minister Coleman, his Cabinet colleagues and his boss will have some serious explaining to do to British Columbians if it turns out they have been wasting $1.9 billion a year of our tax dollars on "administrative inefficiencies" while thousands of people with developmental disabilities and their families have been denied desperately-needed services, tens of thousands of kids denied early intervention therapies or left to struggle in school without adequate special education supports and thousands of sick people left to suffer on endless waitlists, etc, etc...

I mean we all know about the gluttonous salary increases they keep giving themselves, the fat-cat insider contracts, the bloated propaganda budget, etc. But $1.9 BILLION????!!!! That would be more than $400 of taxes being collected and wasted per year for every single man, woman and child living in BC.

These guys are either dreaming in technicolour about the prospects of finding "efficiencies" or else the whole lot of them have been asleep at the switch for the past eight years,

why would anyone believemuch of anything Coleman has to say. He works for Gordo and no one else. Spending our money of course.

"the bloated propaganda budget", how true.

Pointless millions are thrown away on the Public Affairs Bureau annually.

They can save 400 million by cancelling that stupid retractable roof! Have you seen it,it`s not even a complete retractable,400 million for a doughnut hole in the roof.....

Ya ya,I know,they are going to sell property around BC place to pay for it,but doesn`t that theory hold true for evrything,if we are going to sell the family silverware to pay for a doughnut hole,there must be dozens of sites in province we can sell to pay down the deficit,well,maybe it`s just me,health care,education,poverty,ministry of children n family services,Campbell must have his priorities and goooooaaaaalllllsssss......

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

The waste that goes on in the BC Public Service is mind boggling.

10 MILLION DOLLARS per year is budgeted for training. Employees are authorized to take any training provided it is 'related' to their position or career goals. I cannot tell you how loosley that is enforced. The hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on training that is never used on the job and is viewed as a perq is a ongoing problem. About to retire in a few months? No problem - go ahead and take thousands of dollars worth of training.

Then let's look at the hiring spree that has gone on for the past 5 years. Let's look at the numbers of new management positions that have been created. Let's look closely at the public service agency and their bloated numbers.

That's just on personnel costs. Just the tip of the iceberg.

If the public had any idea of the waste of taxpayers dollars that goes on in government they'd revolt.

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