From criticism to construction

Earlier, we reported on BC-STV volunteer James Douglas Roy's lengthy critique on why electoral reform failed at the ballot box during the recent election. But now Mr. Roy will be helping build the organization responsible for that failed campaign. In an email sent to supporters, Fair Voting BC president Arjun Singh announced Mr. Roy, along with five others, have been acclaimed as interim members of the group's board of directors. The following is a complete copy of that email.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Arjun Singh
Date: Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 8:17 PM
Subject: Fair Voting BC Update - New Board Directors....


The Board of Fair Voting BC is pleased to announce that we have received five nominations for four interim openings on our board of directors.  These five candidates all have a history of strong commitment to electoral reform and worked very hard during the recent BC-STV referendum.  Since the original call for nominations, one additional director has tendered her resignation, so there are now five openings available.  Rather than holding two separate interim elections, the Board has therefore decided to acclaim all five nominees to these interim positions, and so we are delighted to welcome (in alphabetical order) Paul Cho (Burnaby), Grant Fraser (Vancouver), Craig Henschel (Burnaby), James Roy (Victoria) and Richard Vickery (North Vancouver) to the board.  We will send a separate message shortly introducing these new board members in more detail.

At this time, we would also like to thank all the other people who expressed interest in serving on the board but who felt unable to do so over the summer.  We remind all our supporters that we will be holding a full set of elections in conjunction with our September Annual General Meeting, so if you are interested in serving as a director but were unable to run for the interim elections, please consider running in September.  We will be sending around more details about the AGM in a few weeks.


a "board" , for a LOSER of an idea ...?

There must be some kind of money involved.

( ie: perdeim's etc )

---- Perhpas the "new-board" ,

will stick a fork in the STV-Turkey ,
( it's done ) they lost twice ...!!!!!

------ Sean , obviously there is MONEY involved,
can you get us some of the details...?

ted... ( every cult has it's cash supply )

although , Van-helsing suggest's we use a wood steak (and not a fork) to put an end to the nightmare, this evil caused ...!

tee hee hee

--- Sean ----

the above Email ~ notice
was sent-out, at night ( 8:17-pm )

why ...?

enquiring mind's want to know

( is Bill-tieleman the Vancover Vanhelsing ...? )



is the STV a turkey ,
or is it a Vampire


Ted 3 dots - you are hilarious!

But I agree, whether or not I am indeed the Vancouver Van Helsing - and I am partly Dutch, that STV is dead with a stake through its electoral heart.

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