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The Campbell administration will be encouraging British Columbians to develop personal health plans, Public Eye has exclusively learned. The government first said it would be reviewing those plans "as a possible model for B.C.'s health care" in its February 2005 throne speech. A year later, Premier Gordon Campbell told The Province's Ian Bailey he was interested in taking look at that model while in the United Kingdom, where health care teams already work with citizens to develop so-called "Personal Health Guides" to help them "achieve their health goals." And now those plans have been listed as one of four strategic projects at the ministry of health living and sport. This, according to a document quietly posted on BC Bid earlier today.

According to that document, the ministry will also:

* be leveraging "opportunities to position the 2010 Olympic and Parlympic Winter Games as the 'healthy Olympic Games'";

* developing a clear leadership position on "Health and the Built Environment" - an emerging field that investigates the health impact of man-made structures and infrastructure;

* help develop and expand the Integrated Pan-Canadian Healthy Living Strategy.

The ministry is presently looking for a consultant who can "performed detailed project planning" for those initiatives, with the initial contract expected to last from September 1 to December 31. The following is a complete copy of the relevant portion of the aforementioned document.


Appendix A Strategic Projects

Strategic projects include, but are not limited to the following initiatives:

1) Future Directions: Integrated Pan-Canadian Healthy Living Strategy

Provide support to define the direction for development and expansion of the Integrated Pan-Canadian Healthy Living Strategy, which will serve as the basis for the repositioning and expansion of the Strategy to emphasize the importance of investments in healthy living as a core pillar for the sustainability of the publicly funded health care system.

2) Health and the Built Environment

Provide support to define the role and responsibility, leading to the development of a strategic framework for Population and Public Health, Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport, with respect to Health and the Built Environment. This will require development and definition of a vision and mission for Population and Public Health's role and function for Health and the Built Environment, in the context of the Province's Goals (5 Great Goals) and the Ministry's Goals - as well as the work underway by the at the Health Authority level and the BC Healthy Built Environment Alliance. The objective of this undertaking is to establish a clear leadership/stewardship position for Population and Public Health for this initiative.

3) Healthy Olympics 2010

Assist the Population and Public Health, Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport define and leverage opportunities to position the 2010 Olympic and Parlympic Winter Games as the "healthy Olympic Games" and establish a sustainable "health promoting" legacy for British Columbians from hosting the 2010 Games. This work will require collaboration with the VCHA, VANOC, and ActNow BC.

4) Personal Health Plans

Assist Population and Public Health, Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport to meet the Government's commitment, in response to the Conversation on Health, that every individual would be encouraged to develop a Personal Health Plan. The strategic direction for meeting this commitment is to be implemented within the broader Citizen's Access Strategy, which offers a comprehensive continuum of services to assist citizens in overseeing their own health, including government's e-health strategy, the Primary Health Care Charter, "Patients as Partners," and the new Health System Navigation Service / 811.


Good grief, like we're all sitting around with bags over our heads and hands folded, just waiting for Gordo to tell us to develop a personal health plan

which he will then call A Personal Health Plan.

This is way too serious for the Public Affairs Bureau to turn it into another kind of game. that's how they're going to start their means of charging people much higher premiums for medical services. Either you follow your doctor's advice to the letter, lose the weight, stop smoking, start exercising, take your happy pills, take your sleeping pills, report back next week.

Miss any one of them, pay x10. Welcome to the Best Place on Earth! As long as you can afford to eat lots of healthy veggies, fruits, grains and lentils. What?! You can't afford that on minimum wage?

Yeah right Gordo - you really care don't you?

My word what a load of hokum.

I think that money (and it will be a LOT) would be better spent on the social services that are going to be cut.

I'd like to have my considerable tax dollars spent on training people for viable work and paying for day care than this nonsense. Nonsense whose only discernible purpose is to bolster Gord's 'legacy'.

This is all about image, gordons image - note the tie in to the 2010 games. Anything that is associated with 2010 games gets a free pass on spending tax dollars.

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