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Since last year, the Campbell administration has been releasing compensation disclosure statements for its top-paid executives. That's a laudable policy. But what isn't laudable is a recent decision that will restrict online access to the salary ranges of everyone else working for the province - including political aides. That information was previously available on the public service agency's salary administration Web page. But those ranges or pay schedules have just been moved to the government's intranet, which can only be accessed by employees.

Asked why that was, the ministry of citizens' services released the following statement: "Previously, some HR and policy information was available on the public facing website and some on the intranet. The Public Service Agency consolidated all its HR and policy information in one location making it more accessible for employees and HR practitioners and it made sense to have it all available on the employee intranet."

The following is a complete copy of the pay schedules that were once listed on the salary administration Web page and still available upon request.


Included Salary Schedules

* BCGEU Trades
* Nurses
* Queen's Printer

Excluded Salary Schedules

* Administrative / Operational Staff (Schedule 'A')
* Administrative Tribunals
* Assistant Deputy Minister
* Associate Deputy Minister
* Court Reporters / Referees
* Deputy Minister
* Senior Executive Assistant
* Excluded Nurses
* Executive / Judicial Administrative Assistant
* Judges
* Judicial Justice of the Peace
* Judicial Officers
* Legal Counsel
* Management (ML1-12 and Sub-levels)
* Management Class & Comp Framework
* Management OIC (ML1-12 and Sub-levels)
* Management OIC Class & Comp Framework
* Minister's Staff - Management
* Minister's Staff - Administrative (Category 'B')
* Officers of the Legislature
* Salaried Physicians

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Okay, so I'm sure there will be no charges or delays of any sort when the public starts filing FOI requests for this information.... right?

Open and transparent. HAH.

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