New Democrats in need of new party secretary

British Columbia New Democrat provincial secretary Laura Nichols will be leaving the party in January. In an interview with Public Eye, Ms. Nichols confirmed she told the party executive last month she didn't want to renew her three-year contract, which expired on July 1. But she'll be staying on for the next six months to give the New Democrats time to find a replacement.

"It really was a difficult decision in the sense that it's a great political job," she explained. "But it is a huge, huge commitment in terms of time and energy. And the person that comes into this job has to be prepared to be here till 2013 - which is four years. And that's a big commitment. So I just thought this is the time where you take the time to think about that. And I decided that I'd give them the chance to find someone else that could give the four-year commitment and move on."

Ms. Nichols was hired as secretary in 2006, following Gerry Scott's retirement.

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