Meanwhile, on the other side of the tracks

Earlier, we reported leftists will be meeting tonight to discuss taking back the provincial New Democrats on behalf of "working and marginalized people." But they're not the only ones who will be talking about the future of that party tonight. Another group is meeting at the Hotel Vancouver to discuss how the New Democrats can be more successful in the future.

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There are a lot more party supporters not satisfied with another near miss election. Some simply didn't vote for James as leader and sort of missed voting in the election. The numbers hhow it. Unfortunalty you get to dance with the one you bring to the dance and the inner circle took her. Her acceptance of the Liberal budget numbers wasn't the brightest thing to do as a lot of folks are worried sick about the economy as their jobs disappear. Statisticly the really poor don't vote. I've been supporting the party since Dave Barett was the opposition leader, and yes I voted for my NDP candidate who won handily, and yes my MLA is not Carole James but she was until the latest realignment of ridings. Itold her that I can wait till a new leader shows up but not voting is not what democratic process is all about. I rather doubt she will be around next time we go to the polls. In the meantime assorted parts of the party will have lots of meetings

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