Raising the roof

Earlier, we reported Warren Buckley, who returned to B.C. Pavilion Corp. as its president and chief executive after an eight year absence, is making 166.67 percent more than he did when left that same job in 2000, earning $400,000 in fiscal 2008/09. So why the increase? Well, in an interview with Public Eye, corporation chair David Podmore explained, "I know, at the time you refer to in 2001, the feeling was that that salary was too low for the nature of the position. But, I guess more importantly, the position is very different today. You're talking about a facility that is virtually five times the size of the facility that was being managed in the year 2001."

"When I was asked to get involved in April 2007, the first thing I said is I want somebody who has some experience not just on the operations and marketing-side but also has some experience in the completion or construction of convention facilities - which he certainly had from his Singapore experience," Mr. Podmore continued, noting Mr. Buckley was making more money in that country. "So there was a component of the work here that didn't exist in 2000."

"And then, of course keeping in mind that we're also on a major program to rebuild BC Place. So it's quite a bit bigger role then the role was in 2005. And the other thing was, when I got involved in April 2007, I really felt we needed someone with that international marketing experience. But, at the same time, we needed somebody who really knew the local scene because there just wasn't time for a year or two year learning curve. So Warren, of course, really fit the bill because he was familiar with the existing operations as well - and the community and all the contacts and all the things that go with that."

Mr. Buckley's predecessor Barbara Maples's salary was $180,399 for fiscal 2008/09 under a settlement agreement that saw her paid until March 31. But Mr. Podmore said Ms. Maples responsibilities differed from Mr. Buckley's in that "she reported to the chair and was responsible for the convention centre and Howard Crosley reported to the chair and was responsible for the stadium. So I changed it where you have a CEO and then a general manager of the convention facilities and a general manager of BC Place."

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