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Last week, we reported the provincial ministry of children and family development hired a child rights adviser known to its deputy minister at $275 per hour without going through a competitive process. According to records obtained by the Vancouver Courier's Allen Garr, that's more than than the $250 per hour former civil service head Ken Dobell made when he was contracted to work as a special advisor to the premier. New Democrat critic Maurine Karagianis has called that arrangement "completely outrageous." But this isn't the first time the ministry's spending has been questioned in recent years.

In 2007, we reported children and family development made $560,120 in renovations to the fourth floor of its Victoria headquarters. And, in 2006, the ministry's deputy was hired under employment terms that pay her a $2,000 per month living allowance on top of her six-figure salary.

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a) But all of that was before a fiscal conservative came in from Langley, astride her CF-18 on a wave of glory from slaying NDP Dragons with snark, wit and facts. I presume this blog serving as a Forward Air Controller will make sure the bombs of fiscal reality hit the target.

b) Sean, what would the Polakites of the world do without you? Stupid question, they'd have to invent you dude. Keep going :-).

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