The times they are a-changin'

Earlier, we reported "concerned individuals and organizations" will be meeting on Tuesday to discuss taking back the provincial New Democrats on behalf of the province's "working and marginalized people." But this isn't the first time the left has attempted to reassert themselves. In 2004, those dissatisfied with the New Democrats' centrist policies organized an unsuccessful movement called Left Turn to field "independent labour and community candidates" in the 2005 election. So what makes those behind this more recent effort think they'll be more successful?

In an interview with Public Eye, former provincial New Democrat youth co-chair Mike Palecek said, "I think we've got a larger number of people to start with. We're bringing together different groups within the party on the key issues. And I think that's important. And I also think the world political situation and economic situation is markedly different that it was before. It's fairly obvious that capitalism doesn't have much good in store for us over the next little while. So I think socialist ideas are going to be gaining more of an echo within the party."


Hillarious. Ridiculous, but hillarious. This guy has been reading a little too much Che.

What a gag. All that'll do is make "Vote BC Jobs" that much more of a stronger business community slogan.

Sean, what would we do without you?!?

Hasta la victoria nunca, compagneros!!!

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