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Last month, provincial New Democrat legislator Harry Lali said his party - in an effort to move to the middle ground of the political spectrum - has been "neglecting our left." But members of the left aren't neglecting the New Democrats. On Tuesday, Fightback editorial board member Mike Palecek and former Vancouver city councillor Tim Louis will be speaking at a public meeting organized to "take back" the party.

"What we're trying to do is pull together all the left-leaning people in the party and give ourselves a collective voice. So, within that left group that we're pulling together, I'm on the far left of even that group. So I would be in favour of nationalizing some of the key industries and really try to take public control over our province instead of having the big corporations run it," explained Mr. Palecek, in an interview on Public Eye Radio.

"But, at this point, we're trying to pull this group together on a sort of list of demands we can all agree on as a first step in the direction of taking our party back and having sort of real working class control over the party. The NDP is supposed to be the party of labour - the party of the ordinary person. So we'd like to get that voice established back within the party. And this meeting on Tuesday is really just the first step."

"We'll be having meetings around the province," the former New Democrat youth co-chair continued. "We'll be doing a meeting in Victoria in a couple months that's just coming together. We're already lining up some speakers for that. But the idea behind these public meetings is to come up with some sort of organizations, some sort of body that can carry this forward. We've got four years until the next election. That's a long time. We've got a lot of work to do. And, as I mentioned before, I think the party's going to be doing a lot of soul searching and this is good opportunity for us to put our voice out into that."

The following is a complete copy of the notice for that meeting.


Notice of Public Meeting
To discuss the future of the BC NDP.

The BC NDP offered little to go out and vote for in the last election. As a result, voters stayed home and Gordon Campbell and the Liberals took power. Again.

Where was the voice of BC's working and marginalized people? Where was the party that represented our interests? As we begin another four years of cuts and service reductions, it's time for our voice to be heard.

It's time to take back the party!
Tuesday, July 7 * 7:00-9:00pm
YWCA Hotel (733 Beatty St.)

Panelists include:
Tim Louis
Local activist, former COPE councilor

Mike Palaeck
Recording Secretary, CUPW Local 846 (Vancouver), Fightback editorial board member

Your voice matters!
Let's build a party that represents us!

takebacktheparty@gmail.com * 604-251-6067


This is great. Louis and Palaeck may as well be Laurel and Hardy as far as the BC Liberals are concerned. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the BC Liberals made a contribution to ensure "take back's" efforts move forward.

Geese, Merry Christmas to Mary Polak, Mike de Jong, Colin Hansen and anybody else who wants to be Leader of the BC Liberals + 1 free term as Premier.

Openly socialist? What part of the people rejected socialism lite doesn't the NDP get?

Also listening to this show and I find the segment of the marxist AGONY as a small businessman. Just absolute AGONY.

Oh and worship of Hugo Chavez. Even more AGONY.

The NDP does need to find a mandate and a purpose, and needs to stop trying to out 'conservative' the BC Liberals, however Marxism is not going to energize their base, nor is perpetuating class warfare.

There are plenty of progressive policies which have developed in the last 100 years that do not require attacking business or increasing the size of government.

If they were smart, they would steal chunks of the Green Party's platform.

The Greens consistently have the best progressive platform and focus on policy development, but have a much smaller budget and limited ground organization to communicate their platform.

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