Out Foxed

Provincial New Democrat president Jeff Fox has resigned. The reason: earlier, we reported Mr. Fox had married party secretary Laura Nichols. As a result, in an email sent to constituency association presidents, council delegates and provincial executives, Mr. Fox notified them he would be stepping down "to avoid any perception of conflict that may arise." The following is a complete copy of that email.

Constituency Presidents
Council Delegates
Provincial Executive

As many of you know, on May 30, I had the good fortune of marrying Laura Nichols, your Provincial Secretary. To avoid any perception of conflict that may arise I have made the decision to step down as President of the BC NDP effective June 27, 2009.

It has been an absolute pleasure to serve as your President for more than 5 and a half years. I have thoroughly enjoyed the chance to work directly and indirectly with NDP activists throughout BC. I have particularly enjoyed working with Provincial Council, our MLA's and MP's, Provincial Office staff and, especially, your Provincial Executive. Throughout I have drawn on the inspiration and energy of the Leader and our Caucus and every activist and member of the BC NDP. You are my heroes.

Due to the timing of this resignation Provincial Council will be required to affirm a replacement at the June 27th Provincial Council meeting to carry us through to the November provincial convention. In doing so there are two provisions of our constitution that must be considered.

First is Section 13.15 sentence two which states "If the position of President becomes vacant during the term of office, the Provincial Council shall appoint a new person from among the Executive to the remainder of the term." The second consideration is Section 13[c][i] which states "there shall be representation of both genders in the three [3] positions of Leader, President and Treasurer."

The Provincial Executive will discuss this matter at our next meeting on June 26th to confirm Executive members who would be willing to put their name forward. Nominations will be done at the end of day at the June 27th Provincial Council meeting and a successor elected.

I have pledged my full cooperation in my capacity as Past-President to whomever is selected and will fully support the transition and our work leading up to the November convention where full elections for all positions will be held.

Thank you again. It has truly been an honour.


Jeff Fox


I wish a favorite target of mine - namely Jeff Fox - well in a new life. Hopefully he will read up on Facebook in his new professional life. Perhaps going HERE to this Amazon.com search list after the BCLib Fax Campaign will help.

As they siad in HMS Pinifore "Love conquers all". So he is changing jobs. Not the first guy to do so, nor will he be the last. Hope they are happy together.

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