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Last week, records obtained by former provincial New Democrat legislator David Schreck revealed the provincial government suppressed the release of damaging welfare caseload numbers until after the election. The reason: the minister responsible, Ben Stewart, told The Globe and Mail's Justine Hunter the civil service was just trying to "remain neutral and non-partisan about all information except for information about public safety." But the government didn't seem to have any compunction about releasing such statistics during past election periods.

In 2005, the government published an employment and assistance report on May 11 - just six days before British Columbians went to the polls. And, in 2001, such a report was published on April 24 - six days after the writ was dropped. Fancy that!


I'd just let this go, respectfully.

Times change and it's a good, new and fair rule: The bureaucracy shouldn't drop stat bombs or investigation mines in the 28-day writ period. Remember 2005-2006 when it was leaked the RCMP was investigating the Federal Liberals and that helped PMSH get into office... and do what the Fed Libs did in the end?

David spends a lot of time checking up on Saint Gordon's gang of elves are we are lucky that he does. The present government seems to massage the message at will.

there is a BIG difference between announcing an questionable investigation during an election, or dropping a "stat bomb" out of the blue, but this is about not releasing monthly, routine stats because they do not favor the party in power and would have likely forced them off message for a day or two. It is not being impartial to protect one party from being damaged by bad news. How much do you want to bet Joesph that those numbers would have been allowed to be posted if they were positive? I know you know the answer to that one...

I agree with Avoter on Schreck. I read his blog all the time. No one else goes as in depth as he does (Sean makes up for lack of depth with breadth, and both are needed!)

Of course the information shouldn't have been released. Did we not learn from Kim Campbell that an election is no time to discuss substantive issues?

It is always curious how some of us always put partisanship above good "common" sense. Egotists and partisans have much in common.

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