A frivolous request?

Last week, The Globe and Mail's Mark Hume reported the provincial government "may have destroyed all cabinet e-mails between 2001 and 2005." This, despite a law that requires government records to be kept for at least seven years unless they are of a frivolous nature and classified as transitory. Indeed, George Copley, a lawyer representing British Columbia's executive council, suggested that classification could explain why those emails may have been erased. Such an explanation may seem incredulous. But, in 2002, a federal access to information review task force reported there is a general "lack of understanding about the treatment of transitory records" under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act in British Columbia - a lack of understanding that perhaps continues to exist. The emails had been requested by legislature rail trial defense lawyers.


Bloody embarassing - I mean those e-mails would help the Premier write his $1 Mil CDN memoirs!!!

This is absurd.

The act has been in place since 1993.

That article on the Federal Government site has a notation: Last Updated: 2002-06-10

Are they truly putting forth the excuse that the few people in charge of records mgmt in the provincial government have not received training to adress this issue IN ALL THAT TIME?

Not credible. Yes the public service is inept, but not that inept surely. On the off chance this that truly is the real reason - I'd like some heads to roll. The ones that allowed this state of affairs to continue for ... let's see 1993 = 2009 for SIXTEEN YEARS!!! oh ffs.

This is about as believable as David Carradine's agent putting for the story that ninjas did it to explain why he was found in a closet with a rope around his genitals.

"Ninjas did it" would be far less insulting to the people of british columbia than this nonsense.

I also find it interesting that the emails of government employees that are kept in their email folders are not being erroneously deleted in accordance with this idiotic theory. Why is it that emails going back for years and years and years are readily available to the account holder, yet not for FOI or court requests?

There is a process and to try to blame a low level staffer is simply BS. Gordo has lots of little elves working hard to keep him and his gang out of trouble. The designated staff know the rules, they follow the rules, other folks simply ignore the rules. don't forget it was Dobell who bragged about not keeping notes, and removing emails as his regular practice.

The Judge ruled today that Gordo and other MLA's emails will be handed over. That includes Clark who was his Deputy Premier. Bill Tielman's blog has the story.

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