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Earlier, we reported provincial New Democrat organization director Nikki Hill would be leaving her post at the end of June - specifically, this past Saturday. And, to mark the occasion, Ms. Hill distributed the following email to friends, writing she was looking forward "to the new and equally exciting opportunities in the future which will bring me back into contact with all of you." The following is an edited copy of that email.

From: Nicola Hill
Sent: June-25-09 10:51 AM
Subject: Thanks and farewell!

Dear friends,

As you likely know, this Saturday's Council meeting is my last day at Provincial Office after over 10 years on staff.

I wanted to take the opportunity to say that it has been a true honour and privilege to have worked for our Party during some extremely interesting and often challenging years in our history.

It is people such as yourselves - the members and volunteers - who have made this work so enjoyable and rewarding and who have kept our Party strong. Our campaigners are the best in the country and we should feel proud of how much we accomplish together. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.

I look forward to the new and equally exciting opportunities in the future which will bring me back into contact with you all.

If you need to reach me, my home email address is.

Thanks again! It's truly been a great experience to work with you all.

In Solidarity,


Nicola Hill
Director of Organization
BC New Democrats


"Organization" is a strange word when connected to the NDP style of doing things as they keep managing to stumble along in election defeats. James is in the position to run things but doesn't seem to manage well.

In Solidarity?? In solidarity with whom?? As long as that party continues to use these tired and polarizing cliches, its future is over before it begins. I hope that party finds someone who understands that the NDP could become a mainstream ruling party if it would stop nonsense such as its "before all else" ties with labour unions. Those of us in the middles would appreciate actually having the opportunity to vote for someone other than the BC Liberals.

Jim, I couldn't have said it better myself./

There is so much potential for a credible opposition party to swoop in and dethrone king gordo - WHY ARE THEY ALL SO USELESS?


For god's sake, somebody writes a nice little "thank you" message and others immediately try to turn it into political fodder. Get a grip.

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