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Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia president and chief executive officer Gavin Dirom wants the Campbell administration to rescind its prohibition on uranium and thorium exploration and mining. And he's invited the Campbell administration to take a trip to Saskatchewan, the world's largest uranium producer, to see how that ore can be safely extracted. Speaking on Public Eye Radio, Mr. Dirom said, "We're advocating that we and the government take a road trip to Saskatchewan and learn how it can be done in a very, very safe way to very high standards...And that may effect or impact an opportunity to change or rescind the regulatory ban."

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No problemo Gavin. A few 'fact finding' trips, some dinners, a couple of glossy powerpoint presentations and those pesky regulations will be a thing of the past.

Don't you worry about ethics, decency, long term planning or responsible stewardship of the environment 'cause that's just how we roll here in BC.

Hell if you're feeling generous, toss in a few public forums just for fun to let the public think that they actually have a voice in what goes on in this province. haha the puclic are sooooo silly!

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