Wedding arrangements

Public Eye is pleased to announce its editor, Sean Holman, will be tying the knot this coming Sunday. As a result, due to wedding preparations and a forthcoming honeymoon, postings will be few and far between over the coming days. We'll return to our regular reporting schedule on June 29.


Congrats, Sean! Who's the bride?

Who's covering the wedding?? Actually, congrats, Sean. Enjoy every second.

Nice news, Sean. Happy days ahead for you, I hope.

Sean - whatever you do, don't tell Josef your fiance is Mary Polak! Just kidding - congrats!

All the best for both of you...

--- I'm Happy and Sad -----

I've had too many good friend's ,,,

old-lady's , tell me

that my "buddy" can no longer come out & play ...!

Will that be same with you, on this web-site ...?

ted... ( enquiring minds want to know )

--- Ps ,

will Tieleman replace you ,
while your off spawning ...?

The singing of"Get me to the church on time" would be appropriate. Sean must work 24 hours a day.Sort of like when our granddaugher graduated High schol and the skit revolved around when she finally decided to marry, she would be late to her wedding as she was too busy rowing. Busy people always make time for important events. Be back on line by Monday

Congratulations, Sean! Politicians across B.C. are hoping marriage will mellow you, making you go a little easier on them. :-)

Wishing you both every happiness,


Many happy returns of the day to you,and your new bride, Sean!May your marriage bring you strength,love and joy in the years to come.

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