Opposition for the sake of opposition

I am a supporter of recognition and reconciliation with the province's First Nations peoples - whatever form that may take. This government is also a supporter of recognition and reconciliation, having proposed legislation that will recognize aboriginal rights and title and result in shared decision making between the province and First Nations governments. And New Democrat leader Carole James has said she supports the intent of that legislation, with her former aboriginal relations and reconciliation critic Scott Fraser questioning the government's commitment to that proposal rather than its content. And therein lies the problem.

The premier has put this legislation at the top of his agenda - legislation that will have enormous consequences for the future of the province. But the New Democrats - the party that brought in British Columbia's first modern day land claims settlement - seem reluctant to hold government to account for that legislation. Perhaps out of principle. Perhaps out of political correctness. But if the opposition doesn't set aside those considerations, the Recognition and Reconciliation Act could pass through the legislature without substantive debate - the result of agreement by the province's political elites rather than the province's populace.

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I hear BC Conservatives want a referendum. I kind of think that would be best, especially as this has long-term implications. But only if the tribe(s) also get a vote.

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