Chop, chop?

Last week, provincial New Democrat leader Carole James put her axe the carbon tax campaign on the chopping block. And there's been talk the party's opposition to independent power projects may be next - with speculation increasing following a Canadian Broadcasting Corp. report that the party's new environment critic Rob Fleming, "refused to use the word 'moratorium' when asked by reporters at the legislature on Friday about the party's stand on IPPs." But what would happen if that flip-flop did come to pass?

"I think that people might move to form another party. And I think - had there been another viable choice - they probably would have had a good showing in this last election. So I think the NDP need to be very, very careful of where they're headed next," Alexandra Morton said when asked about the issue on Public Eye Radio. "They might simply be replaced with another party. I think if somebody came forward that made real common sense anywhere, people would flock to them."

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Well, Alexandra is just doing for the BC Liberals what BC Reform did for the BC NDP in 1996. Keep going Alexandra...

In fact, the only time the BC NDP gets in is via a split between the centrist-populist-libertarian "swing vote" and the conservative base. So as the left fragments between the NDP & the Greens while the BCLibs have to handle native reconciliation as they must watch their right flank... things get interesting.

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