Great Scott!

One of the leading voice opposing American president Barack Obama's healthcare reform efforts may be familiar to British Columbians - or, at the very least, those working in the West Annex. Richard Scott is presently the chairman of Conservatives for Patients Rights. But, seven years ago, he made headlines in this province after Premier Gordon Campbell invited the former Columbia/HCA Healthcare chief executive officer to meet with his government.

In a letter obtained by the Hospital Employees' Union via a freedom of information request and reported on by The Vancouver Sun's Jeff Lee, the Liberal leader described Mr. Scott as "an invaluable resource for government leaders, like myself, who see the need to reform and rebuild health care."

But, according to Premier Campbell, that invitation was canceled because "I don't see that we need him. I think the health authorities are well on target for what they are doing." He also stated that cancellation had nothing to do with the fact Mr. Scott headed Columbia/HCA while the company was at the centre of one of America's biggest health care fraud scandals. Mr. Scott was not implicated in any wrongdoing.

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