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Premier Gordon Campbell hasn't addressed a British Columbia Nurses' Union convention since he was elected in 2001. But, today, he did welcome Canadian Federation of Nurses' Union delegates at their biennial meeting - which is taking place at the Vancouver Convention Centre. So how did that speech come about?

In an interview with Public Eye, British Columbia Nurses' Union president Deborah MacPherson said the biennium is usually opened by a dignitary from whichever province is hosting the convention. So, after the election, "We then started working with the health minister's office to try to get the premier to come and open. And, after a week or so, I hadn't heard anything. And I just happened to be sitting in my hair salon getting my hair cut - which I know is also the hair salon that Gordon Campbell goes to for haircuts in Vancouver. And, lo and behold as I'm sitting there he comes in for his haircut."

"So, at a certain moment when it seemed right - not when his head was in the tank getting washed or anything - I just went over and asked if I could have a moment of his time. And he said sure. And I gave him the invitation and he said he thought he'd be free - just send him a note. So I did. And there he is."


Thanks for this :-).

Just endears me to Premier Platnium that much more - he's such a stud!

Gordo? Studly?

My god, what a dismal thought ...


I just think Premier Campbell is a good man.

Obviously, BC Mary isn't Mary Polak and blogs her tears about BC Rail's demise.

This is actually a rather sweet story and something that couldn't happen in many countries. The premier and one of his most formidable adversaries share the same hair salon. As a result of a chance meeting - with no security forces to get in the way - the two meet at the salon and, as a result, the premier agrees to welcome the delegates of his adversary.

It illustrates a couple of things, such as the accessibily of major public figures in BC, as well as the fact that Gordon Campbell is not the bloodless ogre his opponents like to depict. He may not be a nice guy but, in private at least, he's very funny and open.

As for him being studly, well, a chacun son goute, Josef K. We forget, however, that the young Gordon Campbell of the 1980's cut a dashing figure as mayor of Vancouver. In our office, we have photos of him cutting a ribbon and - geez - what a cutie!

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