Crossing party lines

Mike de Jong isn't just the provincial government's new attorney general. He's also retained his responsibilities as the Campbell administration's house leader. And that dual role should be a concern to voters. In an interview this afternoon, constitutional expert and former British Columbia Court of Appeals Justice Ron Cheffins said, "I think it's inappropriate to combine in one person the partisan office of house leader with the detached responsibility of the attorney general who is the chief law officer of the Crown." But, when questioned about the issue yesterday by Public Eye, Premier Gordon Campbell had this to say.


Hey, if Saint Gordo says there is no conflict well that is supposed to be the end of the discussion. DeJong is so partisan, ones head spins listening to his line of BS. Gordo must be running short of lawyers or potential house leaders. It might come back to bite him

Avoter, I like Mike. Especially after THIS publiceyeonlinetelevision clip. Just watch.

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