Lips locked

British Columbia's new attorney general isn't going to be any more forthcoming than his predecessor Mike de Jong when questions arise about the legislature raid trail. Asked whether he would continue to adhere to the government's interpretation of the sub judice rule, the attorney general told reporters, "Happily, you have not just heard former attorney general Wally Oppal on that topic in the legislature. On occasion, you have heard me speak. So you know what my position and the government's position is on that."

As for when he would be introducing the government's long-promised fix to its long-broken Lobbyists Registration Act, Attorney General de Jong - who, as house leader, is also responsible for government's legislative calendar - joked, "At 20 minutes into both jobs, I can assure you I plan to sit down quickly with the government house leader and discuss the matter fully."

The following is a recording of that scrum.

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