A symbiotic relationship?

Earlier, we reported independent Delta South legislator Vicki Huntington was reluctant to tell the press gallery what issues she would be focusing on in the legislature. "I think I'll leave that for right now and just carry on with finding out where my office space is," she said, later adding, "I have just been sworn-in. So I'd like to just take deep breathe and carry on from there. There's plenty of time to talk about that" - or perhaps not.

As an independent, Ms. Huntington will be dependent on the media to get her message out. And that means she needs to establish a reputation for giving quotable quotes and raising newsworthy issues. So next time Ms. Huntington speaks with the gallery, she might want to take a look at how another headlining independent dealt with her first news conference.

Speaking with reporters following her appointment as the province's new children and youth representative, Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond deftly stated, "I look forward to working regularly with the press and keeping you abreast of any developments, meeting with your editorial boards and ensuring you have open access to public information in my office."

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Sean: I thought Ms. Hunntington did very well dealing with the 'scrum of the earth'to quote a former Premier!

Far more experienced politicians would do well to take a lesson from her on when it is appropriate to reveal things and when it is better to hold back and leave them wanting more.



PS LL needs some makeup advice for appearing on TV!

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