Location, location, location

Independent Delta South legislator Vicki Huntington was sworn-in at 10:00 today. But she seemed a bit hesitant to share the occasion with the press gallery - at first breezing past the reporters and camera operators who wanted to scrum her. Ms. Huntington was also reluctant to say what issues she would be focusing on in the legislature, in addition to those that matter to Delta South voters. "I think I'll leave that for right now and just carry on with finding out where my office space is," she responded. The following is a recording of that scrum.


Looking at that lurking pack of poorly dressed folk with clubs in their hands, she probably thought she was about to be robbed.

Yeah, Les Leyne looked right out of a gangster from the Aussie drama Underbelly. I would have instead of an ambush requested a formal press conference, let the indy get her sea legs/parliamentary legs under her. Oh and she needs a blog - immediately!

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