It's never too late for a kind word

Last month, we reported provincial New Democrat Vancouver-Fairview candidate Jenn McGinn's campaign rolled out an endorsement from predecessor Gregor Robertson the day of the election. So why was that endorsement so late in coming? In an interview with Public Eye, Ms. McGinn's campaign manager Norman Gludovatz said, "We had talked about all kinds of things to do with Gregor during the campaign - all kinds of things like him going and doing some walking with Jenn, knock-knocking, etc. But with his schedule and being the Olympic mayor, it got challenging to be honest. And, in the end, I said, 'Let's just put together an endorsement. Let's release it over the weekend.'"

But the campaign was also waiting for endorsements from Coquitlam councillor Fin Donnelly and Dogwood Initiative executive director Will Horter. "So we got the package together and then we put it out. It was well-received by lots of people actually," said Mr. Gludovatz. "If what you're asking is if (Mayor Robertson's staff) held off or slowed down - there was none of that. As soon as I asked for it, they produced it by the end of the day. I was quite impressed actually. I can't fault them in any way."

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