Axe the hacks?

Last month, The Times Colonist's Les Leyne was among a number of pundits who suggested Carole James would need to "start axing the hacks that held her back" during the election if she wants to stay on as the provincial New Democrats' leader. So what does Ms. James think of that suggestion? Public Eye asked that question today during a scrum following the Opposition's swearing-in ceremony, recording her response.


Three thoughts:

#1. Great use of YouTube & citizen journalism Sean. Nobody else is airing press conferences and getting it done like you.

#2. Carole, why not bring back Bill Tielman? At least he knows how to run an Opposition.

#3. If Carole James wants to know why she lost, well then some BCLibFan made her into a massive hypocrite on YouTube by showing how she misrepresented her campaign to Ian Hanomansing, complete with rebuttals by Mike de Jong and of course Mary Polak.

Put differently: If the NDP's Carole James had real integrity as a leader - she'd own up to her own role in the negative, nasty campaign of the BC NDP. Like posing with "Resist 2010 [b-word]es" and saying Premier Gordon Campbell, MLA was "in a bubble" and approving a platform w/ 129 attacks on Gordon Campbell by name.

Thanks Josef K - but if I did and was successful, Mary Polak would be a backbench BC Liberal MLA!

I just couldn't do that to you!

Welcome, Bill. You earned your reputation the hard way - working out the vocal chords & the shoe leather. Frankly, you'd be a better NDP MLA than the whole lot of 'em and keep this wanna-be hack on his heels.

Let's hope for Josef K's sake that he's using a nom de plume, because anyone who advocates for Polak and Tieleman clearly thinks happy hour starts at 8am.


I judge people as individuals, but am politically so much more Polak's Place than NDP. I also like a good political debate/fight :-).

I'd rather see the NDP make an honest-to-goodness politico out of Bill Tielemen than have to tolerate him as a "journalist" for the next four years. Better hack than flack, I say.

Also, Joseph K makes an excellent point about the need for Carol James to own up in her own very hypocritical role in either participating in or enabling some of the most vicious personal attacks this province has ever seen.

Thanks Gordon. I agree.

I also think Bill did a great job in blowing to smitherheens the STV campaign. Nobody wants to import Irish politics the way Bill presented it.

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