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Provincial legislators are back in the precincts today for their swearing-in ceremony. But New Democrat MLAs two-day caucus meeting won't get underway until tomorrow. According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., that's when the party's legislators are formally expected to end their policy of donating the controversial pay raises they received in 2007 to charity.


Did anyone really believe Jenny Kwan when she announced that the election of NDP MLA's was signal from the electorate that they supported the pay raises?

The whole notion is laughable. What this really means is that the little NDP piggies are no different than the Liberal MLA's when it comes to poking their snouts into the trough. Oink!

My NDP MLA has publicaly stated she will continue to put her raise into charities. I guess she figures she knew the pay scale when first elected , it was good enough then and it's still good enough now. James as usual made a hash of the pay increase deal

Dear Avoter,

Your NDP MLA must be made of sterner stuff than the rest of the herd. Good on her.

And, yes, Carol James made a hash of the pay increase deal, just as she has made a hash of so many things. If the NDP's new slogan is "Axe the hacks!, " the first place to look is at the leader of the party, don't you think?

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