Only the lonely

On Tuesday, a judicial recount confirmed Vicki Huntington as British Columbia's first independent legislator in 60 years. Ms. Huntington has promised to represent her riding first, delivering the voice of Delta South voters to Victoria. But she could be so much more than that. She could be an inspiration for all those British Columbians who are uninspired by our party system, for all those British Columbians who want more from their representatives than platitudes and pamphlets every four years. She could inspire British Columbians to cast a vote for independence in their own riding during the next election - independence from our party system and the interests that support it.

But to do that, Ms. Huntington must do more than just represent her own riding. To do that Ms. Huntington must also deliver the voice of the disenfranchised to Victoria - speaking out on behalf of British Columbians who can't or won't speak out on behalf of themselves. She must encourage others - whether they are candidates or voters - to declare their independence in 2013. Because, if she doesn't, it could be another 60 years before British Columbians elect their next independent MLA.

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