Winter: "It's too bad...that it wasn't part of the election."

Back in March, Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs president Stewart Phillip told The Globe and Mail's Justine Hunter he had "very deep concerns" the proposed Recognition and Reconciliation Act would "become a partisan issue" and "kicked around in the election." That didn't happen. But British Columbia Chamber of Commerce president and chief executive officer John Winter expressed regret the legislation wasn't discussed on the campaign trail. Speaking on Public Eye Radio, Mr. Winter said, "It's too bad, in many respects that it wasn't part of the election. I think that it - amazingly - did not become a key issue as far as the two leading parties are concerned. And I think there was an opportunity, perhaps. But wasn't it Kim Campbell who said elections are no time to raise key issues?"

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A number of lawyers who work with Indian court cases including Jack Woodward, the man who wrote Indian Law( uses as a reference book in university courses) state the Recognition etc. deal is not a great way to go. And yes it wasn't brought up in the election campaign nor was so many other serious issues. Many folks distrust the Campbell governments approach to Indian issues as he used to be very much opposed to dealing faily with the Indian folks in BC. He went to court to argue againt the NIsga'a treaty failrly negotiated by all three parties. After being elected he has a very divisive referendum on treaty. A less polite way to explain it is the guy changes direction on a faily regular basis. so isn't trusted. Modern treaties are the way to go, but even then Gordo gave away Agricultural land without the restrictions that were supposed to be involved in treaty negotiations. That allowed a small band to use good farm land for a container parking lot.

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