Progress not perfection

In April, provincial New Democrat leader Carole James - who voted against electoral reform in 2005 - told The Vancouver Sun's Vaughn Palmer her party would be staying out of the single-transferable vote debate. But at least one Opposition caucus member voted in favour of that system. In an interview with Public Eye, David Chudnovsky - who didn't run for re-election - disclosed he supported electoral reform at the ballot box, despite the fact he's not a fan of the single-transferable vote. "I voted for STV because it's a form of proportional representation. But I like other systems better," he explained.


Having an extreme, almost paranoid distrust of anything that has survived Gordon Campbell's vetting process, I strongly suspected a trojan horse with STV if it got in. So when I hear that Mr. Chudnovsky didn't care for this STV but liked proportional representation, as many of us do, I thought that Mr. Chudnovsky has resigned at just the right time. Him voting for a specific system that he did not approve of is a risky move.

I agree with David Chudnovsky, any proportional voting system is better than the current 1st past the post than gives politicians like Mr. Campbell a free reign.
And talking of the premier, does he ever listen to what he says? In response to the CAW call for the BC Place roof project to create union jobs in BC, Campbell said, "We have always said we believe in an open tendering process so that people know..." Open tendering? Like the Canada Line bidding fiasco? Wow; what a laugh.

The idea that someone would vote for something as serious as a change to the current democratic system and then state that it wasn't really the one he wanted is laughable.

Gosh it must sting to be an NDP supporter these days. Ouch.

It ain't easy, being a citizen these days.

It's a full-time job trying to figure out what the politicians are up to, let alone dissecting the procedures by which they claw their way into the drivers' seats.

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