Barisoff: "...we're certainly going to accomodate her."

Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Bill Barisoff has said he doesn't expect the Rockpile will require any major renovations to accommodate provincial Liberal legislator Stephanie Cadieux, the province's first wheelchair-riding MLA since Doug Mowat. Speaking with Public Eye yesterday following a meeting with Ms. Cadieux, the speaker said, "We found an office on the second floor for her - not far from the chambers. We've got to do some modifications in the handicapped washroom just down the hall from her. So she came with us and just mentioned the different things that would help her out a little bit - to make it easier for her to go through the fire doors."

"She's an amazing lady. She doesn't ask for a lot. She adapts. She said, 'I can adapt to a lot of things.' But, certainly, wherever we can make it easier and better for her - whatever she thought would work better for her - we're certainly going to accommodate her."

So it's not anticipated any major renovations with be required? "It certainly doesn't seem to. We actually went right from the dining room, to the Ned DeBeck, to the premier's office, to the East Annex, to the library - every spot we thought she would need to be at or go to we went to. And whenever she saw things she felt could be improved on she let us know. And that's what we're going to do."

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As a disabled person, I'm very happy to hear this news this morning :-).

Best wishes to Stephanie and thanks to first the Speaker for his work and second Public Eye Online for the twitter update!

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