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According to its most recent service plan, the public service agency's "mandate is to provide human resource leadership for the ministries and agencies and the 30,000 employees workings to serve British Columbians" - or perhaps not. The reason: earlier, we exclusively reported the government is projecting demographic forces will reduce the bureaucracy by 30 to 57 percent over the next ten years. But, according to a freedom of information request filed by Public Eye, the agency doesn't have any records concerning how that projection was calculated. Nor does it have any records assessing the impact such a reduction will have on the bureaucracy. Instead, it's the premier office that holds the documents that forecast is based on. But it's charging $240 just to located and retrieve them.


Very interesting, Sean. Have you noticed any correlation between outrageous fees and embarrassment factors in the information to which they pertain?

When you look at the very significant numbers of early retirements at MCFD for example, where they reduced staff by 2,000+ following the 2001 core review (and then turned around and had to rehire a bunch of younger people) you have to wonder how many people are left who are even close to retirement age.

I think it's worth paying the $240 if you've got it Sean. And I'm sure your readers would support another call for donations if necessary. Please don't ever let such costs stop your good work.

Transparency, transparency, transparency!

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