BC Hydro hires a babysitter

In February, the provincial government announced Power Smart meters "will be installed in every home in British Columbia by 2012" giving "families new information and control over their power consumption." And it looks like BC Hydro Corp. is continuing to work toward meeting that commitment. Today, the corporation quietly announced it's looking to hire an external advisor to ensure its smart metering infrastructure program is "completed on time and within budget," delivering "the functionality that it is meant to deliver." The advisor will report directly to BC Hydro chairman Mossadiq Umedaly. The deadline to submit a bid for that work is July 15 - just 13 days from now.

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Just how will Hydro manage when around 600,000 BC citizens live in condos and in most cases the meters are down in some basement. A panel, with no master switch in the units? Since Hyro is so keen, maybe they can go check their two tiered hydro billing where just about anyone with electric heat, which by the way Hyrdo flogged on so many of us as the cheap, clean way to go, now puts most of us into the higher tier real quick.Another vision of Saint Gordo

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