How much are their jobs worth?

The premier's deputy minister Jessica McDonald has stated provincial civil service layoffs, if they do occur, will be under five percent of the workforce or 1,610 out of the 32,214 full-time equivalents presently working in the government's ministries and special offices. But what kind of savings could the Campbell administration achieve if it went ahead with such a reduction? Well, that depends on the pay grades of the employees effected. But a rough estimate might be $150.34 million or about five percent of the $3 billion the government has projected it will spend on salaries and benefits in fiscal 2009/10.

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Probably need to break that down at least one step further. the 32,000 is made up of about 27000 'employees' and 6000 'managers' The pay spread is about 47K for the former and 80K for the later. Unclear if the 5% statement was intended to cover both groups or not.


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