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The Economist has taken a shot at the Campbell administration. In an article entitled "British Columbia or Colombia?," the prestigious newspaper reports the fact local gangs are fighting over the city's drug trade in "broad daylight demonstrates the feckless response of the provincial government and police, despite reports dating back more than 30 years giving warning of the growth in organised crime." Ouch.


In Beautiful BC, Best place in the world, and the home of the 2010 Olympic games , a great newspaper from elsewhere tells us about the drug shootings. We can no longer look with scorn on Toronto as the home for bad guys. So what's the plan BC?

The neo-liberal/con agenda is weakening the State. Massive public debt is the best way to do it. Drug crime is just an unfortunate side effect of Free Trade.

Campbell and the electorate are completely satisfied with the situation, as we've recently discovered.

The market's up. What else matters?

Sorry to hear the Drug War made the newsmagazine of global record. But here's a solution...

#1. Get some BCLib fans, candidates and MLAs to throw on some kevlar and strap on some big guns.

#2. Get the okay to take the fight door-to-door, just like in the video games and go gangbusters thru BC in pursuit of drug lords and grow ops.

#3. Get Electronic Arts to make blockbuster game with license to BC reenacting the Glorious Gordos vs. the Gangerous Gangs. PC and gaming system games sells over 500 million copies... and at $30 grosses at least $15,000,000,000 with royalties closing the BC deficit :-).

Okay, that may not work. But had to put tongue in cheek :-)!

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